The Doppio Bow

The Doppio Bow

The Doppio Bow (patent pending)

The World’s first commercially available double frog bow.  It contains a fully functioning conventional frog at one end and a baroque frog at the other.  This bow is designed as a teaching aid or for students who have physical difficulties that make it difficult to get weight into the tip of the bow for good tone production.

                The bow uses sustainable and ethically sourced black sandalwood, with pure Mongolian horsehair and the baroque frog is made from sustainable and ethically sourced snake wood. 

                It is based on the double ended bow that Dr. Suzuki used in 1970’s.  Dr. Suzuki and Suzuki teachers all over the world often have students turn their bows upside so that they can experience the weight required at the tip for good tone production. The idea is to teach a student to use their whole arm weight instead of pronation to develop a rich deep tone.  The only problem with turning the bow upside down is that it often compromises the bow hold therefore negating some of the benefits of the experience.  Our bow allows for them to get the tone quality and projection whilst still maintaining the bow hold.

                Our bow uses a baroque frog at the tip to add weight.  However, it is a different weight to the frog at the bottom allowing the student to experience the tone production with varying weights whilst maintaining a graceful bow hold. The bow can be turned upside down and used with a full bow hold at the baroque frog.  The use of a baroque frog also allows students to experience the differences in our modern instruments to those of the time of Bach and Vivaldi. 

                Doppio is the Italian for “double” as in our double ended bow.  It is available in sizes 4/4, ½ and 1/8.  This bow is available for pre-order with delivery in late September.